24 Karat Gents Club - Clearwater, FL

Text Box: 24 Karat Gents Club is one of several Topless Clubs located in Pinellas County just off of US19 Clearwater. The club has a modest exterior that hides the great times you will have inside. Upon entry to the club you will be greeted by the door girl where a modest cover gets you in to join the excitement.  The club features a full bar, great bartenders and waitresses, and a live DJ who spins great music. The club has a decent stage with several seating options at the stage, in a booth, at a table, or at the bar. During our visit we watched and interacted with several girls who had stage skills, great personalities, and looked good. The clubs interior was nice and open. The bathroom was large and very clean. Overall, we had a great time at this club and hope you will stop in and join the fun the next time you are in Clearwater, FL on US19.

Risque Rides

“What’s Ur Fantasy?”

24 Karat Gents Club


16717  US19 North

Clearwater, FL

(727) 538-2458